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The Artist serves a social function. That function is to move his or her fellowhuman beings to feel,to open their hearts toone another and find the best in themselves,and thereby to beautify the world...transforming action into sound into emotion and back into action. In the words of Bracha Ettinger,art 'fragilizes' the self (re)uniting us with one another.
Mauro Schiavone is an artist. His goal to move us. Of course he is also a pianist,and accomplished one,with a cristalline sound,dexterity and precision...
Aaron Goldberg

Track List

01 Unidea fissa Frammento
02 Risiko
03 Esbjrn
04 Follow me
05 Inquieto Frammento
06 Unidea fissa
07 Inquieto
08 Ufo Frammento
09 Leaves
10 My Mans gone now
11 Way back counterpoint
12 Esbjrn Frammento
13 Ufo


Mauro Schiavone: piano
Gabrio Bevilacqua: double bass
Roberto Pistolesi: drums
Francesco Guaiana (guest): guitar
Gaspare Palazzolo (guest): tenor sax


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