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The maturity of an artist can somehow be tested by the specific moment when he choses to make a fundamental step in his artistic path and development. Gaia Mattiuzzi, one of the most accomplished singers and permofers of all the Italian scene, has just released a new album as a leader of a very interesting trio, just after the good feedbacks from both audience and press concerning the previous work "Caribbean Songs" (2010), by Skinshout (duo with drummer Francesco Cusa).
Miss Mattiuzzi loves to take risks and goes towards the unknown, and in LAUT you can really have a good impression on the curiosity, restlessness, and cultural mixtures that are typical features of the singer's original path from so long.
LAUT (which means "loud"), is a scream, a plunge into the sound, real connecting link between distant musical itineraries. Sound conceived as the power for the metamorphosis. LAUT reveals also that every possible musical genre (jazz, rock, ethnic, classical contemporary, …)is too tight and doesn't really fit Mattiuzzi's work. It's like she has them all, but nothing is never obvious, and constant is the effort of regenerating the material, with a great multi-faced and open minded vocal approach.
Such a maturity emerges also in the choice of her partners: pianist Fabrizio Puglisi and drummer Cristiano Calcagnile. Double bassist Stefano Senni is also featured in two tracks.
They not only are acknowledged instrumentalists and highly respected artists, but really fully join the leader in her journey of search and experimentation. Improvvisatore Involontario (one of the prominent Italian new jazz labels) is now proud to have such a work in its catalogue. Please play LAUT loud!

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