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The album is entirely to the figure of Michelangelo Merisi, called “Caravaggio” is a project in which the composition of music is strongly inspired by the visual art, from paintings but also by the figure of the painter Doom.

Track List

03.Caravaggios suite
04.Canestro di frutta (Nessuna speranza nessuna paura)
05.Ragazzo morso da ramarro
06.Davide e Golia
07.Vocazione di San Matteo
08.I bari
09.Nessuna speranza nessuna
All compositions by Matteo Muntoni


Matteo Muntoni:
Francesco Ganassin:Clarinets - ocarina
Andrea Ruggeri: drums and percussions
Elia Casu : acoustic and electric guitar
Enrico Cocco: cello
Recording Data

The album was done in one session at the studio Artesuono in Cavalicco (Udine), Stefano Amerio (Jazzit Awards 2012 1st place category Engineers and 1st place category Recording Studios) took part: Francesco Ganassin; Andrea Ruggeri; Elia Casu and Enrico Cocco.

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