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Introduction by Piergiorgio Pirro, piano player:
"Our music is a contemporary rendition of some Early Jazz music. We play it in a way that I could describe as "minimalist": the aim is to avoid all clichés that are usually related to the performance of dixieland music and to focus on some aspects that I care for: the sound, the rhythm, and the polyphony. The resulting music has an earthy, bluesy acoustic sound, mostly thanks to the voice of Elisabetta Maulo. I chose to play without double bass and drums to better get to the goal I was looking for. The resulting sound is pretty unique, and I feel that the contribute of two great improvisers like Cattano and Scardino is pushing the music towards a more atemporal and maybe abstract dimension. Among the authors of the music we play there are George W. Thomas, Spencer Williams, W. C. Handy, Fats Waller, Billy Strayhorn. We also play some of my own compositions. We feel that some part of our playing is a tribute to the great Louis Armstrong". 




Elisabetta Maulo: voice
Piergiorgio Pirro: piano/harmonium/composition
Tony Cattano: trombone
Beppe Scardino: baritono sax/bass clarinet

Track List:

01. Basin street blues
02. Lotus Blossom
03. La petite reine 
04. (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue 
05. Una diversa sera al mare
06. Intermezzo
07. On the sunny side of the street
08. Hop Scop Blues
09. Blue Turning Grey Over You
10. I've Got the Blues for Rampart Street


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