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Indeterminate time and place: on the boundary, between the fable and reality

I giganti della montagna (The Giants of the Mountain) is a trio composed in 2012 by Ferdinando D’Urso on alto, Lorenzo Paesani on piano and Federico Sconosciuto on cello. At the beginning of 2013 they recorded their first album “L’Arsenale delle apparizioni” that SLAM Productions will publish in October 2013.

I giganti della montagna (The Giants of The Mountain) – the great unfinished work of the famous Sicilian playwright Luigi Pirandello – is the third and highest moment of the theatre of the myths: the "Myth of Art". In Pirandello it reveals the difficulty that the theatre (but you could easily write Art in general) encounters in contemporary public reception through the altercation between Ilse – the actress who at all costs wants to bring his work among the public that will tear her – and Cotrone, the magician/director who keeps to himself and his Scalognati the wonders of which he is capable.

L’Arsenale delle apparizioni (the Arsenal of the apparitions) is the womb of the Villa della Scalogna, magical place in which the story takes place. The room  – which looks like a warehouse cluttered with theatrical puppets, costumes and stage tools – is the place where dreams and reality mingle in a expressionist and surrealist summary in which the two elements are no longer alternative but added. Here the desires come to life, dreams materialize, reality is revealed. L’Arsenale delle apparizioni is - as written by Umberto Artioli - similar to the middle of the night when everything is possible and ghostly; it is a place where the Negative is exorcised.

Similarly, this unusual trio suffers from the same questions that have already engulfed Pirandello: the public will understand and appreciate this repertoire made of twelve-tone music, improvised music, jazz and Sicilian folk music? Although aware that it would certainly be better to give it only to those who would appreciate it for sure, the need to communicate is so compelling that you cannot resist.

Therefore we invite you to join with us in our Arsenale delle apparizioni in which everyone listening to our music will recognize himself and see its materialized History, overlapped, confused and at the same time that coincides with what we narrate (proposing and not imposing) in notes.

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